From Painters to Presidents.....So Authentic, even the Cardinal Eats Here!

The Original Fuzzy's in Houston, TX

Fuzzy opened his first location in 1986 on the west side of Houston, TX. He mainly focused on pizza carry out and delivery. With only 500 square feet to work with, Fuzzy started this journey. Fuzzy's Pizza was born and for 30+ years the company has grown exponentially. From small pizzeria to full fledged dine-in restaurant, Fuzzy's Pizza has grown to become a household name in the city of Houston, TX.

Quality is Key

“I use high-quality ingredients,” Fuzzy says. “No shortcuts. That's what makes us successful.”

Quality is very important to the culture of Fuzzy's Pizza. Fuzzy made sure that only the freshest ingredients were used. Quality runs deep through each ingredient, from our quality cheeses, fresh tomatoes, flour and top quality meats. Our ground beef is not mixed with other meats and fillers. Our sausage is delivered from the US capital for sausage, "Chicago"! Fuzzy hand picks the ingredients for the restaurant during his weekly trips to the farmers market. “We buy in small quantities and keep it fresh,” he says.

Being very health-conscious, Fuzzy came up with a dough recipe that incorporates less oil. “I use only one cup of olive oil for a batch,” he says of his 24-hour cold-proofed dough. Even the deep-dish dough uses less oil. Along with carefully sourced toppings and cheeses, the result is a tastier & less greasy experience for the customer.

Variety is our Promise

View our menu and see our vast menu. We can cater to everyone in the family whether they want Authentic Italian Pasta, or a %100 Beef Hamburger. Our Menu features around 20 Specialty Pizzas and 4 different styles of crust.

Who is Fuzzy?

"Fawaz “Fuzzy” Hajjar came to America from Damascus, Syria, to study chemical engineering. He worked his way through college in Chicago restaurants – first as a busboy, then waiter, then bartender. “I love the restaurant business more than chemical engineering,” he says, setting his career path on restaurant management.

Today, he owns Houston, Texas-based Fuzzy's Pizza & Cafe, one of Pizza Today's 2013 “Hot 100 Independent Pizzerias” in the U.S. at No. 91. Pizza Today traveled to Fuzzy's in February to sit down with Hajjar and his wife, Rita."

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Call 713-682-8836 today or visit the original Fuzzy's Pizza location in Houston, TX for authentic New York Style Pizza.